Want to remove gnats from your home? – Follow these steps

If you commonly experience little flies that keep moving around flower pots or fruit bowls, it reveals that your house has gnats. Even when these are tiny, they are very annoying. Their tiny stat does not necessarily mean that they would not cause any harm, as the reality is that they can be a real strength for your home and health. Setting for quite a lot of time, it might be the right time to look for residential pest control service in Perth.

If you’re not sure about this tiny little creature, it is important that you choose the right pest control in Perth. It is not only a common situation in residential homes, but it can be a scenario in schools and offices. Therefore, to make sure that the schools and offices are in the best condition, it requires you to choose a professional office and School Pest Management Service in Perth. Remember that as these are public areas that invite a lot of people on a daily basis, it requires frequent inspection to get rid of pests that can be harmful to humans.

What are gnats? 

Gnats are tiny flying insects that are often confused with baby houseflies due to their small size and appearance. However, unlike houseflies, gnats typically swarm in larger groups near their food sources. 

In residential areas, three primary types of gnats are commonly observed: fruit flies, fungus gnats, and drain flies. Fruit flies are attracted to ripe or decaying fruit, fungus gnats feed on fungi, and drain flies live off organic matter in drains. 

Identifying and controlling these pests is crucial for maintaining a healthy home environment. While addressing gnat infestations, it is equally important to consider other potential household pests. Regular maintenance like a Termite Inspection in Perth can help in detecting and preventing broader pest-related issues to ensure a safer and more comfortable living space.

How to eradicate gnats from home? 

It is true that before you choose a residential pest control Perth, you will look forward to trying the DIY methods. Therefore, here, we will take a look into several DIY methods that seem to be effective in getting rid of these tiny pests from home.

  • Use vinegar bait: To combat gnats infestation, mix apple cider vinegar, sugar, warm water, and dish soap. Place the mixture in small containers near infested areas to trap and eliminate pests.
  • The Wine technique: Don’t worry! We won’t ask you to use your best wine to deal with flying pests. Just mix some cooking wine with dish soap and set traps around infested areas at home.
    Create a fruit trap: For an effective DIY gnat trap, place overripe fruit in a bowl, cover it with plastic wrap, and poke holes. As gnats are drawn to the fruit, they can’t escape. For persistent issues, consider a Property Pest Management Service Perth.
  • Use fly strip: Utilize fly strips in gnat-prone areas for a prompt solution. Even when it is very effective, be mindful that their appearance may not be aesthetically pleasing.


There are chances of not being able to get rid of pests after trying all of the steps. This is when you need to get hold of a professional Residential Pest Management Service in Perth. Their knowledge and skills can be valuable for you and your health. 
If you are in search of professional pest control in Perth, you can simply choose Pest Control Perth Home. Their appliance for ants, rats and Termite Inspection in Perth makes them a reliable choice.

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