How To Handle Mice And Rat Infestation?

There is nothing new about the fact that we don’t like to encounter mice or rats at home. Not only are these awful, but also they can carry harmful diseases. When you encounter a single rat, it is important to look for professionals offering rat control in Perth. With our professional services, you can receive the best services from experts.

Remember that whether it is your office or home, you must take comprehensive pest control services. Not only flies control in Perth but also spiders, ticks, bees and bird mites pest control in Perthis equally necessary. As these small creators can wreak havoc on your property and reputation, it is important to look for professionals and get rid of these creatures.

Things to know about mice and rats:

When you see rats and mice at home, it can be a real nightmare. These are nothing like the different kinds of rats in Australia and not like your pet rat. Just like thieves, these creatures keep running around your home especially during the night, to destroy your food and spoil them.

Not only for food and shelter, they can also be detrimental to your plumbing system, furniture, flooring and ceiling. Apart from this, it can be detrimental to the health of your family. Therefore, the first and most important thing that you need to do is to look for professionals offering rat control in Perth to acquire immediate services.

How to understand the presence of rats?

  • Noise: You may hear scratching, squeaking, or scurrying sounds at night, especially in the attic, walls, or ceiling. These are the sounds of rats and mice moving around and looking for food or shelter.
  • Droppings: You may find small, dark, and pellet-shaped droppings near where rats and mice eat, such as in the kitchen, pantry, or cabinets. These droppings can carry harmful bacteria and viruses, so be careful when cleaning them up.
  • Damage: You may notice holes, gnaw marks, or tears on your food packages, boxes, bags, or containers. These are the signs of rats and mice chewing through them to get to the food inside. You may also find wires, cables, or pipes damaged by rats, who must gnaw constantly to keep their teeth from growing too long.
  • Nests: You may discover nests made of shredded materials, such as fabric, cardboard, plastic, or paper, in hidden or dark places, such as the ceiling, behind furniture, or under the floor. These are the places where rats and mice breed and raise their young.
  • Trails: You may see trails or paths in your garden or backyard, where rats and mice run regularly. Footprints, droppings, urine, or grease stains may mark these trails.


So, now that you are already sure about the common signs that talk about the presence of rats, you must look for professionals providing all-rounder services. At Pest Control Perth Near Me, you can get rats, flies, spider pest control in Perth. We have years of experience and knowledge in controlling and managing pests, and we make sure to provide the best services to eradicate these pests from their roots. Contact us today for a comprehensive service.

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