How to keep rats out of your home?

There is nothing new about the fact that rats are the most unwanted guests in our homes. They are not only a filthy species, but they can also be a real threat to health and harm the people at home. Apart from this, they can also be destructive For home destruction. Immediate rodent removal in Perth is much required if you find rats at home.

As these species can be very destructive and damage electric cable insulation systems, looking for an experienced rat exterminator in Perth is required to take prompt action. Before we take a look into the ways to keep these rats away, we will take a look at the kind of damage that rats can do at home. However, it is always better to look for rodents pest control service in Perth on an immediate basis if you find a variety of sizes present on your property.

Type of damage made by rats at home:

Rats are known as small critters that can endanger the health and spread less in the homes. In addition to this, it can cause structural damage to insulation, wood, drywall and several other building elements. If you have already witnessed such damage, make sure that you immediately call professionals for rat control in Perth.

As rats have the habit of chewing electrical wires, it increases the risk of electrocution and fire. As per the experts, mice and rats have equal roles to play in house and building fires. In addition to this, they can rein furniture, burrow cushions, and damage books, documents and clothes. A rat exterminator in Perth can make sure to get rid of these species in the initial phase before they make such alternating damage.

How to get rid of rats?

  • House Inspection

To effectively tackle a rat infestation, start by thoroughly examining your home. Identifying where these pests are coming from is the first step. Look for faulty drains, gaps around vents, cracks in the garage door, and any openings in the foundation. Rats can sneak through surprisingly small gaps.

  • Seal the Openings

Rats can slip into your home through tiny openings, even those that can fit just two fingers. To prevent their entry, seal any cracks or gaps you find in your walls. This simple step can go a long way in keeping them out.

  • Consider Trapping

If you want to reduce the rat population without resorting to poison, consider using traps. Place them strategically in areas where rat activity is high. 

  • Professional Pest Control

For a more effective and comprehensive solution, it’s wise to take the help of a professional specialised in rodent removal in Perth. They have the expertise to identify entry points, locate nests, and food storage areas, all while ensuring minimal damage to your property. When it comes to rodent removal in Perth, professional assistance can make a significant difference.


So these are some of the major tips that will help you to get rid of rats or mice from your property. However, there are times when it becomes uncontrollable, which is when it is better to look for rodents pest control service in Perth. In addition to this, they also ensured dead rat removal in Perth homes in case it was needed. Make sure you take prompt actions to ensure the best health of your family members.

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